Melbourne’s Women in Games event

hi all,

This is just to let you know about the upcoming Women in Games event going on in Melbourne on the 21st of November from 7pm-9pm at the AIE Melbourne Campus.

Come and show off your fantastic trivia skills with awesome prizes up for grabs. After the fun, join us for refreshments and beverages, do some networking and help us find out what you want from women in games.

It is important to discuss the various issues that women have in the games industry and be knowledgable on what we can do about it. There will be a suggestion box for you to anonymously place any issues you have faced or what you believe to important topics of discussion.

Issues brought forward will be discussed at future women in games events in the most relevant format.

Although this may be a male dominated industry, We (the women) have a voice so please come along, have your say but most of all, have some fun!

If you want to register for this event, please go to our contacts page and fill in the form letting us know what event you are going to. This helps us with catering so let us know!

See you all there!

Canberra event- Success!

The Canberra Women in Games event was held at the AIE on Tuesday night and went really well. We had a moderate turn-out, not as big as last years but still a pretty lively bunch!

The fun and games started off with a retro games trivia competition, won by the awesome team of Claire Eiszele and Vicki De Margheriti, a student of AIE and a woman who has been in the games industry for 20 years. Their knowledge combined made them scrape into first place by half a point.

After that came the “sticky note challenge” where we had to make a copy of 8-bit Mario using sticky notes on a window. While they weren’t exactly accurate, all of them were awesome!

Thanks to Nicole for making that amazing Space Invader cake, was the yummiest thing there!

Women in Games event tonight!

Hi all,

Canberra’s Women in Games event is tonight! Come along for some great food, free drinks and scintillating conversation, as well as some awesome games, we even have an Atari!

This year we are going with a theme, so think retro! We have all your favorite 8-bit characters, and some awesome comps to win yourself some cool prizes :)

See you there!

Enter your interest!

Hi all,
The Women in games events are drawing near, and the newsletter list is up and running if you want to receive notifications on upcoming events first.
For those who are not yet on the newsletter list, details for the Women in Games events are as follows:
Sydney- 27th October, AB Hotel in Glebe, 6-8:30 pm
Canberra- 18th October, AIE campus Watson, 7:30-9 pm
Melbourne 21st November, other details TBA

If you want to register interest for any of these events, simply go onto our contact page and fill in the contact form.

Hope to see all of you at the events!

Update on Women in Games events

Ok so the dates for the annual events are almost finalised. Canberra will be holding the event on the 18th of October at the AIE campus. Sydney will be having their event on the 27th of October and Melbourne is finishing up the event triad on the 21st of November.

More details will be released soon, if you have any questions or are interested in attending, please send through an email to

Women represented in EA sports game

I came across an interesting article from last week about women in sports games- or should I say lack-thereof. As many of us know, if you want to create your own character in a sports game, it has to be a man, nine times out of ten. But after a complaint written by 14 year old Lexi about EA’s NHL hockey game, something is finally getting done.

In NHL12, you will now be able to create a female player, great news if you like hockey :)

For more info on this story see:

Welcome to the new Website!

Hi there!

Welcome to the new and improved Women in Games website!

It has been a while since our organisation has been very active, but hopefully with the construction of our new website we will be updating much more.

This site is great for finding resources about the gaming industry, viewing great artwork by talented artists and networking with other women in the games community.

Speaking of networking, Canberra is holding their annual WiG event on Thursday the 13th of October, hope to see you all there :) More information coming over the next week or two, but it will be tons of fun!

We also plan to send out a newsletter every month or so, stay tuned for more developments.

Enjoy our new website!

Rhiannon :D